March 23rd- 930am Cost- $250 + $50 exam fee

 Lightstone Education Center is pleased to offer insulin administration training for QMAs, compliant with Indiana Department of Health standards and guidelines. We strive to provide trainees with everything they need to earn their insulin certification, so they feel confident delivering a superior level of care to patients with diabetes.

Course Requirements

  • Must be QMA

  • Must have documented permission forms and have them signed by the facility where they will perform their two-hour clinical

  • Must do 2 hr clinical at a facility that has a policy to allow QMA to admin Insulin under RN supervision

  • Any facility that has QMAs administering insulin must have a policy in place that allows QMAs to administer insulin under the supervision of an RN. QMAs cannot administer insulin until their name is on the State Registry as an insulin-certified QMA. To be listed on the State Registry, QMAs must pass a class and clinicals to receive insulin certification.

Students registration is NOT COMPLETE until ALL signed paperwork is received from your job.

Class Registration

Upon receipt of payment you will receive an email with links to instructions for completing required forms. Please add contact@lightstoneeducation to your address book to ensure you get our emails!!